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There's Something About Apologizing to Mae

Feb 2, 2007

Dear Mae,

I wanted to take a minute to offer my deepest apologies for taking far far too long to write a little bit about your blog Mae's Muse.  I have no excuse for being soo sooo slow.

However, hopefully in some small way this post will be better late than never.

I wanted to thank you for the kind words you offered on your post titled Brett Bumeter from December 10th.  Personally, I happen to know that Brett is a scoundrel, but it was nice of you to give him the benefit of a doubt.

I also wanted to reach out and mention that your profile picture reminds me of someone, but I can not place the connection yet.  I am positive there is some form of synchronicity involved as The Celestine Prophecy is one of my favorite books as well and part of the reason why I am moving to live on the lake in North Carolina.

Maybe possibly the synchronicity might have something to do with a pair of friends of mine that live in Rockford, both school teachers, who I will not name on the internet but suffice it to say they are great teachers and very funny and tend to dress up like elves at Christmas time and sit on their infants lap, the babe dressed as Santa Claus of course.

Not sure what the connection is, but it is very good to know you and my best regards and best wishes towards your future efforts at writing.

I am just an email away if I can help!

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1 Gabbles(comments):

Oh my goodness. I accept your apology. It's okay, though. Really. I wrote that blog post because you have been so helpful on the payperpost boards and I appreciated that so much and plus I agree with so much of what you have said on there. I wanted you to know that there was someone there listening to your advice and even taking some of it.:) Maybe even most.:) I wasn't sure if you had read it or not. Thank you.

Friends right here in Rockford? Wow. That's cool. It really is a small world. I used to live in North Carolina. I won't be surprised if I start seeing other synchronicities about this now. Come to think of it, something did happen a day or two ago. I'll email you about it.


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