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I am running on fumes!

Feb 14, 2007

I have been working pretty much non stop for the last 7 days as I work to get 3 new websites up (2 that belong to myself and 1 for a client).  I worked all weekend each night working till 6:30 am sleeping for 4-5 hours and going at it again.

Monday I did a repeat, but I had a dire warning come across Monday evening.

My daughter Mya had pink eye and had to stay home on Tuesday.  My wife has used all of her sick days.  So I watched the Baby Tuesday after working all night the night before. 

I took a nap for 3 hours Tuesday night after my wife got home and worked till 3am, got up at 5:30 and took my wife to work so that I could make it back for a meeting at 9am and another at 10am.  I took a 90 minute nap this afternoon, then picked up the girls from day care, my son in tow.  Raced home, fed the kids, took my oldest daughter - rest of kids in tow, to gymnastics, brought them home, went back because we forgot the diaper bag,   ahhhhhh!

I am beat.  But I'm going to take another nap, and get some more work done tonight and then try and get caught up on my sleep tomorrow morning.

For anyone that is stopping by, I am looking to gather together a collective of writers on  if you are interested in blogging against incumbents in your state (and earning some money while you do it)  stop by and check it out.  I am in the very early stages of recruitment, but am hoping to talk to a number of people before I finish building the site out so that it will fit with the future community.  There are more details available ont he No More Incumbents Blog also or in the PPP forum.


Hopefully this message is coherent as I am tired, if its not stop by tomorrow and I will clarify things.  :)

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