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The Atlantis Prophecy

Feb 2, 2007

I worked until about 6:30 am this morning and crashed sleeping until about noon.  I woke up made breakfast and turned on CNN to see reports of the devastation in Lake County Florida where a tornado had devastated a 20 mile square area with a tornado that is likely to come in at a high f3 or f4.

Unlike the residents of Lake County I was lucky to be awakened by the reports as opposed to the real thing. 

Often times when tornados rip through Florida, people roll their eyes and make bad comments about people living in trailers.  I survived a tornado in a trailer that got knocked over when I was an infant, and an F4 struck my hometown a couple years back one of many to hit Illinois over the years.

It seems to me that many people just do not take some aspects of life seriously, and I am not referring to the people of Lake County but people in general.

 Natural disasters are a real part of life.  We can not let fear rule our lives, but we can live without fear if we are better prepared for the things that nature so often throws our way, even if that is a semi trailer or a cow.

So I ask myself what is a practical level of preparation.  My ancestors built storm cellars hundreds of years ago.  My home sits on a slab.

Cow in Twister MovieWere my great great grandparents smarter and more prepared with the right technology?

The F4 pictured above obliterated a Manufacturing plant, while over 100 employees huddled in two bathrooms inside.  No one died but there was nothing else left of the plant besides the people and the bathrooms.

The United Nations has released reports that the planet will see an increase in temperature of 3 degrees over the next 94 years and ocean levels will rise several feet if not more.  Florida sits mostly at about 1 - 10 feet above sea level.

Are we going to lose Florida and many other cities, like Boston and New York?  Is that a doomsday view or a practical application of the information that the United Nations is providing?

The United Nations along with  the US government does not have much credibility in my book, however if I am to learn from the lessons of Hurricane Katrina that only gives me more reasons to prepare myself as opposed to sitting around and watching to see if the Government will do something to fight global warming as quickly as they have worked to do something about Social Security.

Maybe the legends of Atlantis are true.  But maybe Atlantis did not sink quickly but over several hundred if not a thousand years, while people went about their lives supporting the economy.  Maybe the  America coasts and much of Europe and SouthEast Asia will collectively realize The Atlantis Prophecy, because maybe the legend is not a legend at all but a prediction of the future.

Now wouldn't that make an interesting book to write as I hide out in a cabin on a tall mountain somewhere?


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