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Feb 9, 2007

A quick word from our sponsors . . .

In 2000 I picked up and moved my family and I to South Florida.  We moved to Boca Raton in Palm Beach County to be precise.  We lived a very small block and a half from the beach (in between the intercoastal and the ocean) and it was beautiful there.  Weather was almost always fantastic, everything is that deep luscious green that you get in the tropics.

The sky even felt more beautiful.  Plus you had the constant soft noise of the waves breaking in the distance.  We lived there for almost three years and it was pretty amazing.  I do not think there are too many people that are from South Florida.  Most of our neighbors were from New York City or London or a few from Brazil.  Property in Florida has constantly been appreciating at very high rates since the Army Corp of engineers first began reclaiming the swamps and establishing the canals back in the 1930's.

If you are contemplating the potential of purchasing property in Florida  you will probably find the market ripe right now after a slight correction last year that seems to be ending and will likely be held at bay as the Federal Reserve continues to hold a stance of holding interest rates in place while the economy continues to grow.

While we lived there we saw many properties increase in value  by thousands of dollars per week.  The home we lived in doubled in value in 2 years going from $300,000 to just under $600,000 when we moved. Where else can your property value double in two years? Tip for the wise, buy by the water and buy good insurance too!

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