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Ignoring the Pre-Game Crap

Feb 4, 2007

This year I am trying to keep the TV off until the actual Super Bowl starts.  I do not want to see 6 hours of pre game / pre ad hype.  To be honest I have been to busy all fall and have missed most of the football season.

I am only really watching because I always watch it, because I used to be a bears fan (most of their games are not televised in Atlanta), and because of the stupid ads.

None of that means that I have to waste my time watching hype about hype though.  So I am purposefully trying to ignore the urge to go flip the TV on because I know I will just watch 5 hours of 500 channels and nothing on.  Fortunately, this super bowl procrastination is pushing me to get some work done, so maybe I will be able to relax just a bit come Monday morning!

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