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How Much Have I earned from PayPerPost?

Feb 8, 2007

Starting last July I started including sponsored content on a couple of my blogs. I wrote a few of these generally in my spare time. As a consultant and writer, some times I have more spare time than others.

Typically, its worked out that I usually have about 1 week a month where things are slow in my other work. I say all this to put my earnings into perspective.

To date I have earned and been paid $1,903.88 via PayPal. I have earned an additional $289.37 that I am awaiting payment sometime in the next 30 days. For the most part, I have used the money to re-invest in my company, purchasing software, domains, equipment and incidental traveling expenses to trade shows.

PayPerPost is a relatively new company as its less than a year old, but they are the second oldest company in this new industry of buzz management and promotion through blogs. They have made a huge amount of progress since July and I am confident in their ability to keep growing and improving. They are making many of the right steps to fix and improve and refine their operations. Not always in the order I would prioritize them, but progress none the less.

I would and do support them and would not hesitate to refer them to other bloggers looking to monetize their blogs with sponsored articles. If you have any questions about the service, I have been writing with them since the near beginning and can definitely help. The business model is solid on many different fronts and the money is good as well. These days I am working with many web clients in my consulting business to incorporate both the publishing and advertising aspects of their service. The service works.

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