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No Loafing in Atlanta

Feb 12, 2007

Many people that come to Atlanta or visit often come to know Creative Loafing a local tabloid like paper that is a great source of information for what to do in Atlanta if you are loafing around.

Well, I didn't do any loafing this weekend nor last week.  I setup another new website (in addition to the last one I mentioned).

This one is tech related.  You might call it mega tech related.  First there is a website that I have started its not fully launched but is live.  I'm looking for early feedback on the site and the blog concepts described there so I'm doing a pre-release launch (Yup, I just made that term up!)

The site is called Top10Tech It is starting out with 6 blog subcategories, and I will add 12 more over the next 3 weeks.  Each blog category will focus on its own niche of tech.  I'm gathering together a number of bloggers that have an interest or past experience in covering these niches. 

Blog Promotion of Product Reviews

The blogs will cover and promote product reviews by other bloggers as well.  Bloggers from any tech blog can submit summaries 50-100 words of their product review (don't give away the ending!).  We'll take those review summaries and cover and link to them in our niche blogs.  Our readers will then vote on the products in the reviews to identify the  . . . top 10 Tech items in the niche.

The top 10 list will then go to our front page where it will run, with links to the original review for anywhere from 1 week, to a month to a year.

So far I've mentioned two websites and 7 new blogs!  (includes 7 new databases to support those blogs deep tired sigh)

I've got more going on than that, I'll let you know more soon . . .

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