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The PayPerPost Upgrade

Feb 6, 2007

So PayPerPost is upgrading their beta system tonight.

I am trying to figure out the good from the bad.  I can't sort on the length of opportunity requirements any longer, however the items I have already taken are no longer visible which is good.

I have to add some javascript to my site, which isn't great for load time nor is it great for people that have java turned off or their IE security at a level that it won't return one of those danger warnings.

I like their new referral programs even though I have lots of questions.  The tool bar also sounds appealing, but I'm not sure if I will use it.

I have been getting a lot of page crashes on their site and server errors, but I think they are still stomping on bugs.

Guess we will see how it shakes out in a day or two . . .

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