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The Cleavage Greeting Card that Keeps on Giving

Feb 1, 2007

Looking for a birthday card today for my sister-n-law I thought that maybe I had found the the wrong card with this Birthday Cleavage Option from one of my sponsors.

Little did I realize until I played the video card preview that I had the right card afterall! 

I found a bunch of other funny cards also including this cute little guy (since my brother and sister-n-law are expecting a boy).

One of the more popular cards was pretty weird in a strange sort of way, the birthday chins didn't work for me, but my daughter loved the sponge bob cards (not as much as the cleavage card though )

Egreetings offers a bunch of these different cards for birthdays and valentines days. They did have a free trial offer but typically there is a yearly subscription of about $14 per year. They have been around for a long time and they allow you to schedule your cards out in funny eCards

Not sure if I would want to get the singing chins myself, but they definitely had some funny ones. If you happen to check out the birthday cleavage video, make sure you hover over the replay button!

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