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Is Your Garage Half Empty or Half Full?

Feb 25, 2007

Yesterday, my garage was half full and today it is half empty.  I haven't experienced some change in mood or perspective or philosophy.

The change was physical.  My wife organized a quick down and dirty garage sale this week, and sold a bunch of our junk.

To all the people that bought our junk,

Thank you!

For all the people missed a chance to buy our junk,

Don't worry there's more where that came from.

We've got 3 kids and that means that we have lots of junk.  Junk multiplies in our house every birthday, every Christmas, and every freaking trip to a fast food place.

Junk Sucks! 

Don't do Junk!

We sold a treadmill an old fax a jogging stroller a backpack, a bunch of baby clothes (but not enough), a crib, an exo-saucer, a bunch of battery powered cars, a non battery powered car, a bicycle, some speakers, a handspring PDA, a 3 foot long x 2 foot tall stuffed dog, a rocking chair in the shape of a frog, a johnny jump up thingy that we never used (our second one, we used the first, sold it at a garage sale, got pregnant again, got another, and never used it)

I told you it was junk!

The thing was we were clearing out junk from our Garage where we have been stacking it all winter waiting for a warm day to sell, but as we pulled it out, we were dumbfounded to learn that there was more junk behind it that we had forgotten about.

I pulled a toy box in the shape of a football out of a back closet in my furnace room.  It was taped shut with packing tape from a move 4 years ago, full of toys my son played with when he was three.  We sorted them and sold the toy box and some of the toys.

I went back in the closet and found another toy box behind that one from 5 years ago.   . . .  (Big head slap!)

Now some of our junk is gone and good riddance. Now we just have to get more organized and sell more junk next time!

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Getting rid of junk is always a great feeling!

Mommy the Maid said...
10:24 PM  

That is definitely the truth.

BrettBum said...
11:09 PM  

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