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Dog Bath Sunday

Feb 4, 2007

All week the new dogs have been getting stinky-er and stinky-er (assuming that is a word).  The basset hound has decided that he likes to chew up dirty diapers after digging them out of dog proof garbage cans and the beagle has been in heat and almost calmed down and returned to normal.

Both had become stinky as hell and so today was Dog Bath Sunday.  My four year old daughter and I just washed the Beagle, and the puppy basset hound is up next. 

The beagle didn't get to scared about the bath but she didn't exactly enjoy it either.  I'm taking a quick break between baths to write a little before I tackled the ever floppy and easily spooked basset hound.  He'll probably end up peeing on me or something as he spooks that way all the time.

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