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Playing around with Voice Recognition

Feb 17, 2007

Here are some excerpts where I was playing around with voice recognition tonight.  I need more practice and so does my computer.  I may even shell out some money for Dragon Naturaly Speaking 9.

Tonight I went through the basics of setting up speech recognition on my computer. I am dictating a quick

Now Using speech recognition this is a Microsoft based speech recognition program and it works OK. But wouldn’t say that it works great.

I’m learning the commands as I go and that’s kind of working.

Here is an excerpt where I attempted to paraphrase the following news story:

Thursday showed a house democrats intend to quickly escalate their efforts to confront a republican president over his war policy at to the scheduled vote.

Representative John Murtha, The chairman of the house panel that oversees the military’s standing says that he plans legislation that would force the president to seek authorization from Congress before it’s banding the operation from Iraq to a war with Iran.

Murtha also plans to put conditions on the president’s request for one hundred billion dollars more to pay for the war in Iraq this year. And

I need to learn how to compose well I dictate it is not as easy as composing when I type. I am learning that it takes practice. It is much easier on my hands and typing all day long. And from that perspective it has real potential and seems pretty cool.

A case of it when I give commands it changes the command to a word. I think I will have to do some more training of the computer with this technology before it can continue.

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