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This Astronaut is a Real diaper wearing Space Cadet

Feb 8, 2007

I must have picked the wrong week to write less and do more web design as this week has been full of bizarro incidents. This situation with the astronaut that drove from Texas to Florida wearing diapers to avoid having to stop unnecessarily so that she could kidnap or kill some other lady that interested a man that she had the hots for but was not dating is pretty freaking wear. Only its doubly weird since it involves a bunch of astronauts.

I think it surprises everyone the most that NASA apparently no longer does psychological evaluations to insure that their astronauts do not fall victim to space cadet syndrome.

While I'm writing this I'm listening to CSI and they keep cracking jokes about butt implants. I wonder if she had had more time if she would have had some butt implants put in to make the ride a little softer too.

She must have been a girl scout too, because she went prepared. She packed a pellet gun, some rubber tubing (likely to bind as opposed to catheter as she already had that covered), a can of pepper spray, and of course a knife.

Nowak flew as a flight specialist last summer on Discovery. She is a Captain in the Navy and has been in the shuttle program for almost eleven years.

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