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There's Something About Bizarre Circumstances

Feb 8, 2007

I do not typically write too much about celebrity events.  Today is an exception.

Anna Nicole Smith passed away today just a few months after she gave birth to a little girl and after her son of twenty died from some kind of prescription drug cocktail.

She became famous as a model for Playboy and other magazines.  She became rich when she married a billionaire over 80 years old. 

She became infamous when she had to fight for the old guys fortune when he passed away.  Then she became more infamous when she gained a lot of weight and became the subject of a bad reality show.

A man even filed a lawsuit against her for a paternity test of her recent daughter, as he claims he is the real father.

No one knows why she died yet as the circumstances were of course bizarre.  She led a bizarre life with many odd circumstances throughout.  She was suffering from pneumonia, which is a serious ailment and can kill.  She also reportedly was suffering from chest pains and back pains, which are normal when suffering from pneumonia but also insinuate potential other issues.  The company that has recently sponsored her and her weight loss achievements is on the defensive as well. 

Regardless she was unfortunate to have had such a short life and now her daughter's custody will be battled in court for some time to come.

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