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A New Maven Mapper's Domain and Template

Feb 2, 2007

I write a technology blog called Maven Mapper's Information.  This week I have been working to upgrade many of the sites and blogs that I manage for myself and others.  On the personal front I am working to port Maven Mapper's Information into a Wordpress blog.

So I am in this case going to consolidate Maven Mapper's as a sub domain of my business site Softduit Partners.

The new location will be at

And here is a snapshot of the new template.  I need to do a great deal of personalization to the new site, but all of that has to be learned.  My first challenge is to get over 400 articles categorized properly for Word Press!

Maven Mapper's Information thumbnail

Now since I write for several Buzz Management groups I will not transition quickly and I will not take down the old blogs anytime soon.  Besides I need to catch up on the Wordpress learning curve as I have only a rudimentary understanding of that tool.  I have done some very interesting things with Blogger Blogs and will continue to work with them and develop them.

Someday I will probably even move There's Something About Harry, but today is not that day.

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