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Finding the Goji Spot

Feb 4, 2007

Many people in the United States have not heard of Goji Berry Juice.  Goji Berry's are the Tibetan name for Wolfberry's as they are known in Europe.  They are found in Southeast Asia but were not likely originally from that part of Asia, even though they are historical references to them that date back 1300 years.

The berries are very popular in health food stores and provide many good nutrients and vitamins.

If you would like to find out more about them or if you would like to order some berries or juice from our sponsor they have a great deal of information on Goji Juice. They also offer Seeds as well or liquid vitamins. The juice is sweet and can be used to make different flavors of tea as well.

The berries reportedly have many benefits for several of the systems of your body from your digestive system, to your kidneys and even can help with sperm production.  So if you want to find the Goji spot, then this juice could certain help.

Regardless they have long been consumed as a good tasting, sweet berry.  They are good naturally, dried or made into a juice.  If you like Goji Juice, feel free to drop us a comment and tell us how you eat it, drink it or cook with it.

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