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Buying Sun Glasses by the Dozen to Keep up with the Love of My Life

Feb 2, 2007

I stopped buying sunglasses for myself back in 2001 when I had lasic.  I went out after the surgery and spent several hundred dollars on a great pair of sunglasses and since I am so cheap, I have been extra careful to never loose them. 

But my wife is a different story.  She can lose 3 pairs of sunglasses in the same day!  Every time we go out of town it seems like she first forgets to pack her sunglasses, then buys a pair at a gas station for the road trip.  Then she looses those sunglasses before the trip is over and usually ends up getting another pair or two.

I have half a mind to start buying her sunglasses in bulk!  Costco doesn't offer that kind of thing, but  Wholesale Fashion & Sports Sunglasses are available from CTS Wholesale Sunglasses for prices that are good enough to tempt me even more!  I could buy a dozen pairs of sunglasses for her for $28 and just keep the box in her van.  Then everytime she loses a pair, I'll just pull another set out from the glove box.

Obviously, I'll have to reorder a fresh dozen every month, but think how much money that will save me!  Could be hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the course of a year (not to mention boating season when she continually loses sun glasses in the lake)  I don't know why some people like to tread water or float while wearing sun glasses, but she always loses a pair then too! 

So I should probably get an extra couple dozen for the boat. 

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