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Abducted by Aliens? Take it up with Germany!

Oct 6, 2006

A lawyer in Dresden is trying to drum up more business with victims of Alien abduction.

A German law provides state compensations for victims of kidnapping or abduction and so forty one year old (as if age matters) Jens Lorek who specializes in social and labor law is hoping that victims of Alien Abduction might be eligible for compensation in Germany.

If successful, Germany's kidnap victim state compensation fund could make Germany a favorite destination for emigrants that expect to be abducted by aliens in the future. No other country in the world provides benefits for victims of alien abduction. Germany could be the first!

So far Lorek has not indicated any intent to represent Aliens abducted by Germans in Germany nor any terrorists secretly abducted by the CIA, time and money are always facts in these situations.

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