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TVNinja covers the Korean Electronics Show

Oct 20, 2006

TVNinja did a great job covering the Korean Electronics Show this week. Normally, I cover technology in my blog Maven Mapper's Information, however I wanted to spread the love around for TVNinja so I'm writing about them here as well.

They covered a number of the Personal Media Players at the show. I've been following these devices for a couple years now. TVNinja pegged the category pretty well this week.

If you are looking for some true insights into where these devices are going and how they will change the way you receive information, surf the net and even listen to your blog, take a peek at this review, Digital Cube Netforce HSDPA-capable DMB PMP.

There's some real gold in this description that many of the normal tech pundits have not latched onto as of yet. A few more months and the world will be all over these products, regardless of the TV capability that will only work in South Korea. There's something else about this device that is very special!

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