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The Life and Times of Disclosure Policies for Blogs

Oct 29, 2006

I am in the policy of drafting disclosure policies for all of my blogs to plainly and simply describe the guidelines of my intentions for writing blogs.  This includes the material I write about and the sources of income that I generate from writing.

Let me state first, that I enjoy writing very much and that is my primary purpose for writing multiple blogs.  Even more than writing, I especially enjoy capturing my thoughts for myself, for my children and for posterity.

I have no idea if my thoughts will be worth anything for any of those groups, but I am an optimist and hope that it does.

I do place advertising on my blogs.  This comes in many forms from contextual ads from Google, to affiliate ads from various sources, to sponsors that sponsor both my entire blog for short periods of time even to sponsors that sponsor me to consider individual topics for which I sit in my chair, or couch or floor and Ponder and ponder some more until I come up with what is hopefully a clever way to combine my knowledge related to this subject with a unique perspective and insight into the subject.

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail and sometimes things fall in between. 

Anywhooo I write first to be honest with myself, and hopefully this integrity provides my readers from the outside world to consider my thoughts and agree, disagree, dismiss, embrace, comment, correct or anything else they might want to do with it.  I'm providing my thoughts to the world for free to do with those thoughts what they will as long as they respect my copyright.

If you would like to get started or get the ball rolling with a disclosure policy for your blog, please consider checking out Disclosure Policy Generator. Its a free web service that requires no sign up or anything. It takes about six steps to create a policy and you can fine tune it after you get the draft. I recommend this service because I use it.

They are also one of the sponsors of my blog, which from my perspective is neither here nor there.

Best Regards,


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