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The War Between the Sepcies 3

Oct 23, 2006

Emily was eight years old when the first attack ocurred.  She did not realize the importance of the attack, all she knew is that her father was dead.

The world was upside down and Emily was reeling.  Emily had grown up almost like a princess. 

Not in the fairies and castles and knights-in-shining armour sense of the word.  Emily had grown up as the princess daughter of a celebrity.

Her father had been larger than life to the world and especially to Emily.  Fortunately for Emily her father was not your average run of the mill celebrity.  He was not a true movie star or pop star or even really an icon.  He was a person that was so charismatic and daring, knowledgeable and talented that he was a self made success.

He was also a very practical father and Emily was a very practical little girl.  She was also a chip off the old block.  Emily would not fight any of the battles that were to come, however one day she would be the primary person responsible for saving the last traces of the human race.

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