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Check out these Weird Jobs at Aviva Trivia Blog

Oct 3, 2006

This Post Contains a Paid Endorsement, which you may or may not spot. I do recommend to my friends and family that they should check out the weird jobs at Aviva Directory!

Aviva has a list of some pretty weird jobs from a chicken sexer to a cheese sprayer to a fish liver sorter.

My dream job in the list:

Laughter therapist

I could see myself getting a job as a laughter therapist. I sometimes feel like I'm living this job every day. Its not one of those jobs where I sit down and attempt to figure out how I can build up more billable hours or anything. Its just one of those things that by performing this kind of service you feel better yourself.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to get all egotistical about it or anything. I do like to read Ayn Rand and enjoy the concept of celibrating the ego. I just re-read one of her books over the weekend in fact. Anthem or the test book or short story for the concepts in The Fountainhead.

Anyway . . . .

From a twisted male perspective, I think Freud had it better though as a basically a hands on sex therapist.

He unethically achieved notoriety and credibillity. What one crazy guy can do with a little cocaine, opium and a clientele predisposed to hysterics.

(If you look up the history of the word hysterics, you will likely be offended, outraged, and baffled at how doctors such as Freud treated his patients to cure them of their ailments.)

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