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Presidential Hopeful Bill Frist makes online Gambling Illegal

Oct 3, 2006

Bill Frist is not going to win the popularity vote with online gamblers as he attempts to make a run for The White House in 2008. He's credited with passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The act makes it illegal for a bank to pay an online gambling firm, and might make it illegal for current US gamblers to withdraw their 'chips' or actual cash from their online gambling accounts to transfer the money back into the United States.

The Senate added a little piece of legislation to a Port Authority bill to get it passed and it smells like a lobby (maybe current Gaming companies in the US looking to protect their own businesses from internet competition) may have had a hand in this.

Is it possible that Senator Frist is going to run on a ticket of cleaning up Gambling?

What if he accepted contributions from a Gambling Lobby?

'The new US law, which makes it illegal for banks and credit card companies to make payments to online gambling sites, was appended at the last minute to an unrelated piece of legislation dealing with port security. One gaming executive described it as an "ambush" by Bill Frist, the Senate's majority leader and 2008 presidential hopeful. Betting in the US on horse races, fantasy sports and state lotteries will be exempt.'

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There is hope! It appears that outlawing online gambling violates the US agreements with the WTO. We better get a Democrat in office soon.

You can sign the petition on my site

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