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Me Thinks TechCrunch Doest Protest Too Much

Oct 6, 2006

Below is an excerpt of my comments on the Calcanis Blog in relation to an article titled, "Mike Arrington's best moment: making PayPerPost look like the losers they are."

Please consider reading the entire article if you are interested in the impact of advertising on the Blogosphere. If you don't really care, about the impact of advertising on the blogosphere or blog advertising, then do what most people do and just keep skimming!

Many consumers are aware that clicking on a hyperlink anywhere on a website could be something that takes them to another site and potentially an advertisement.

There are a number of contextually based ad programs that turn content text into links. These are immediately recognized as links.

There are many much older advertising mechanisms in affilliate marketing where the links are hidden or disguised (look at Amazon or CJ or linkshare or name your affilliate program aggregator ad infinetum)

Affilliate ads are rarely anounced as an ad.

That said, I post with PPP on my blog. Sometimes I disclose, sometimes I do not. I always craft my own views around the subjects regardless of the requirements of the advertiser. If the requirements don't fit my views, I don't take the opportunity.

The podcast was very good, but I'd call it a draw on both sides agreeing to disagree.

Both sides are getting a lot of attention from this open disagreement. Both sides are polarizing the fringes and drumming up more business due to the polarization. TechCrunch gets some juicy news that sparks a flame under its base and PPP gets free publicity.

If I didn't know any better, I would think that the two groups were working together. Its kind of like the Bush foreign policy. Promoting instability in the Middle East, which raises oil prices and profits of the countries that the Bush administration likes the least.

If you help your enemy, does that harm your own integrity?

This Post includes paid adverising in the form of a hyperlink that has been endorsed by an advertiser. The words and thoughts are all my own and not influenced by any advertiser. Feel free to put that in your pipe and Smoke It!

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