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Moby and Debbie Harry do New York New York tonight on Singingfool

Oct 30, 2006

Singingfool is kind of like YouTube for music videos.  There are thousands of music videos that you can watch or stream or download or grab the code and post it off to your blog (like the Green Day video Wake Me Up When September Ends which seems kind of appropriate today as September is over and the election is next week).

So that's SingingFool.  Anyway, Moby is releasing a new video on Singingfool tonight (October 30th)  The song is titled New York New York and it feature Debbie Harry, whom I had the privledge of seeing in concert back in 1990.  :)

I've never seen Moby live, but would definitely like to experience his music live. 

So don't miss this debut tonight in the US, and don't neglect Singinfool either as they provide some great service for us bloggers!  See the US premiere of Moby's "New York, New York" feat. Debbie Harry (Blondie).

here's the Green Day Video - Go Vote Next Week! If you want to know my political affilliation, its simple. I don't vote for any incumbents of any party. Re-election Corrupts!

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