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Turkey Run!

Oct 26, 2006

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that's got a lot of people and a few birds thinking "Turkey Run!"

The Turkey Run is an annual event held in Daytona Beach every year for auto enthusiasts, which I always thought was kind of a geeky way of saying people that like cars and usually muscle cars.  Its kind of like calling the Jesse James a two wheeled motor bike enthusiast or something.

No this is a Hot Rod / Muscle Car Show its a Swap Meet with thousands of cars and this year it will be the 33rd Turkey Run.

Its held in the Daytona International Speedway and expands out around the city and onto the beach.

Since its almost Halloween, here are a few pictures for the current season to consider in case you want to head to the beach and check out the show.

And lets not forget, this is Florida and it is Daytona Beach we're talking about so there are bound to be a few Ladies around to make the cars look even better . . . ;)

 So check it out and have a little fun in Daytona!

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