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The Voice Over Guys!

Oct 26, 2006

So last month at the Podcast Expo, I met a lot of very interesting people.  I met two guys that specialize in doing voice overs.

They've worked in radio for years and have these natural sounding voices that just kind of resonate in your head.

Now, I'm working on putting together my own Podcast show (not live yet!), but I'm going to seriously look at using professional talent to do my voice overs to give the show that full production value feel.

There's lots of ways to find voice over talent and voice actors even audio book actors and more. is one a place where voice actors and podcasters can find and be found by others that need to source some great talent.

All it takes is about 90 seconds to setup an account, which includes a personalize custom web page in a subdomain, which is a not free perk no matter what!

Then with their simple tools you can search and find voice talent or be found.

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