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Fall Weather and Tropical Vacations

Oct 23, 2006

So I'm a big wimp when it comes to the weather. I've known this since I spent basic training in Ft Leonard Wood Missouri during the first Iraq War. I went to Basic in January of 1991 and had the pleasure of freezing in a trench of ice and mud.

The mud created by the very little body heat that I would generate. This heat would melt the snow and ice I was laying on, which would get me wet, freeze when I got up to move around and chill me to the bone. Then I'd go through the entire process all over again, each iteration leaving me a little colder.

End result! Frost bite on my feet and toes!

I later went on to move to the South where I got hooked on the warm weather and as they say, my blood thinned.

Now I live in the South and every time the temperature dips below 60 degrees fahrenheit, I start thinking that I need to go to the tropics. I can't afford to live in the tropics, but a vacation can burn some of the chill out of my bones.

Now when I look around lately, the South Pacific catches my eye. I've always dreamed about staying in one of those hut like cottages on a pier overlooking the ocean.

Now a Caribbean vacation is probably more likely to be in the cards for me, since I live on the East Coast of the US. I haven't travelled to the Caribbean before, however, so I have to start researching somewhere.

I started looking at since they have hundreds of articles on tropical vacations. One of the articles on Jamaica caught my eye, however, I think I'd prefer to explore Mayan temples on the Yucatan peninsula.

Now, the forums for this same site are filling up rapidly with lots of information from people that have taken trips so you are not just getting the official line, but the insider's perspective and lessons learned. So I'm still gathering information from the various reviews about the islands and cruises and things, the only thing I have to figure out next is where to go!

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