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Does Michael Jackson have BSE (Mad Cow Disease)?

Oct 6, 2006

UN - Official sources at C.N.N (Crazy News Net ) have reported that Michael Jackson may be suffering from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE aka Mad Cow Disease).

They report on rumors that the real cause for MCD or BSE may be cannibalism, which may have 'caused the formation of the malicious prions, and the beginning of the Mad Cow Disease.'

Apparently their diagnosis based on the manifested symptoms:

  • Sudden change in skin color
  • strange leg and hand movements
  • weird vocal dounds ('mixture of singing and crying')
  • 'waking up to children you never saw before'
  • not being able to identify your own sexuality while standing in front of  a mirror.
  • acting on thoughts that babies enjoy flying from balconies

They think that the cannibalism may have been triggered when they mention that Jackson may have eaten his own nose.

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