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Need a Halloween Costume? How about a new Hobby? Ask a Ninja maybe for you!

Oct 10, 2006

Every year its the same old question.  What am I going to do for a Halloween costume?

Now I was married on Halloween, in Savannah, Ga and so this is no small question.  I just got pack from the Podcast expo and so the obvious possiblity is to dress up like a Ninja.

All I need is to order a pair ofninja costumes for myself and my wife.

What could be more romantic for a 13th Halloween Wedding Anniversary than to dress up like ninjas?

Now, the podcast convention that I got back from exposed me to a number of people that lambasted the Podcast and YouTube hero at

This guy dresses up like a ninja and answers questions from fans that want to know things about the Ninja life. Like are there Ninja interns? Answer yes there are N-Interns.

Are there Ninja Midjets? Answer: Yes there are Nindjets.

It just kind of devolves from there.

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