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Get Competing Offers on HomeThing Services

Oct 10, 2006

At our last neighborhood townhall meeting for our local homeowners association, someone again called for a listing of trusted service providers to be accumulated by the people in our association. The idea is that if we have had a favorable experience with someone, we should spotlight that broker, or contractor or realtor for other people in the community.

The problem is that this has been on the 'to do list' for our association for almost a dozen years and it hasn't happened!

Fortunately, this is the age of the internet and service referrals in one area that the internet can level the playing field and provider consumers with many choices.

A great example of this is myhomething. MyHomeThing allows a user to solicit multiple offers or bids from a service provider.

They cover many of the things that home owners will always need at some point, but rarely have experience with in the local area, let alone a short list of effective service providers.

MyHomThing offers choices covering:

  1. Residential & Comercial Mortgages,
  2. Realtors,
  3. Movers
  4. Storage Services
  5. Air Conditioning Repiar,
  6. Electrical Service
  7. Pest Control
  8. Pool and Spa Care
  9. and the list goes on and one
Its a simple enough solution and one where the internet can deliver. You provide a description of your need and wait for the offers to roll in from MyHomeThing. You now have a short list and are ready to rapidly make the best choice!

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