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Digital River - allows blogger to offer their readers discounts on digital content

Oct 24, 2006

I'm attending the EcomExpo today. Its a virtual reality trade show that comes around every six months.

I've learned a great deal about doing business online this last year, but I have a long way to go.

I was reviewing Digital River and found their services to be useful from a blogging perspective.

They basically match publishers/bloggers up with software providers. So if I'm writing an article about PC security, I could offer my readers a special discount on Norton Antivirus. If my reader buys Anti-Virus, I basically get a tip (comission) on the sale and my reader gets a discount off the price. Its a win for the reader, win for Norton and a win for me.

Here's the quick low down on Digital river

Digital River oneNetwork - Make Money!

  • Digital River provides affilliate programs for digitally downloadable products
  • So you can offer software for example for sale with a discount from your website or blog and receive an affiliate commission for each transaction.
  • Software Developers can list their products through Digital River and get a 100% commission based online sales force all around the world.

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