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The War Between the Species

Oct 19, 2006

Many didn't recognize the opening salvo. The first casualties of war sparked headlines around the world, but no one even new that the first shots of the war had been fired.

In fact, no shots were fired at all. The side that lost the war 30 years later was not prepared for an unconventional war from an unconventional enemy. They were focussed on the enemy from within their own midst. They fought themselves for thousands of years. They destroyed others outside their midst to pave the way for their own battles against each other. They destroyed others to grow their production capability without giving it much thought.

The war started in the year 2006. Open hostilities ended in 2029 with a cease fire and a peace treaty was signed in 2036 after language interpretations were invented to allow the two species to communicate. The treaty was one sided in favor of the winner of the war.

The age of humanity was over from the perspective that the humans were no longer the dominant species on the planet.

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