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Google News is Always good For a Crazy Article

Oct 20, 2006

Every day on Google News, I come across some really crazy or stupid article from some place like Slashdot or something, which is known for preaching a higher ethical standard in blog editorial review Yada Yada Yada.

Crazy Picture Captions Linked to Normal Stories

But every now and then you come across an article that has all the other links to it, plus a picture that may fit the context or may not. Many of those pictures and the links they are associated with are just crazy though!

I came across two stories today. Both were medical in context.

  1. New Research Sites Risks of Ritalin

  2. Induced Labour During Pregnancy Can Lead to Rare Condition

Now, the Headlines didn't make it into the top grouping, but their great picture within the article did. So if you clicked on the picture for this article (with the dog flue diet and diseases caption) you would journey through cyberspace to Canada to learn about Preschoolers and Ritalin or Doctor's and Mother's scheduling the delivery of their baby during office hours.

Those sound pretty much like an official medical thing right?

Well the domain behind the news was something else. If you were looking into the risks of Ritalin or wanted to know if inducing labour might harm your unborn child, would you turn to a website specializing in DOGFLU?

OK, what if that DOGFLU website didn't have a dot com extension. What if it were Canadian?

Afterall, everyone knows that Canada's successful universal health care coverage only works because Canada covers all of its citizens and all of its dogs with the same doctors and the same medicine!

By combining medical school with veterinarian school and by elliminating all that time wasted with medical trials on animals, Canada uses the same doctors for treating people to treat Fido, and everyone is a Guinea Pig in Canada, even the Guinea Pigs!

Yeah Right!

Those Stories on Google News were at

Induced labour During Pregnancy Can Lead to Rare Condition
New Research Sites Risks of Ritalin
(Oops Spell check didn't catch that one. It should be Cites and not Sites!)

I see this all the time, and I want to come out and admit something right now.

OK, I want to admit one thing and state another, but in reverse order. I want to state one thing and admit another.

  1. Google News is often full of shit because it has been manipulated by people that know how to crank up Google
  2. I'm jealous but will learn how to crank up Google myself some day!
Then you'll see even more crazy headlines!

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