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Come As You Are

Oct 26, 2006

Here I am as I am today!

(well 8 hours ago before I went jogging and finally got the picture loaded up into my machine and my blog). 

Summer time replaces the jeans with running shorts.

Winter time replaces the t-shirts with sweaters.

Normally, the Pepsi One is replace with Coke Zero, but the price at Kroger for Coke Zero was $4.19 a 12 pack so I went with Pepsi instead.

Meetings replaces everything with a suit or jacket.

Lucky I shaved today . . .

The artwork in the background was painted by my wife, Becky Perkins.  She's a painter and photographer and teacher. 

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I still say you're a dead ringer for the guy from Grey's Anatomy!

Colleen said...
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