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Sharing all those videos in the closet

Oct 6, 2006

More and more people are sharing their videos online.  Services from YouTube to Google Video Sharing, iFilms and more are offering services where people can upload their videos and share them with other people online.

The thing that makes this sharing service so useful is the ability to embed the video in a blog or other website very rapidly.

I keep another blog entirely dedicated to showing Viral Videos that I find through many of these services.  Its one of my most popular blogs. 

These sites make it very easy to share videos.  This makes videos readily accessible, but also makes it difficult to find truly entertaining clips, unless someone culls through the massive databases and watches the actual videos.  So in my spare time, that's what I do!

I probably watch a hundred clips per week, looking for funny videos.  My particular site Best of Viral Video U Toob is set up such that your average person could watch any of the videos at work without getting into trouble.

Here's a recent example, titled 'Hotel Fantasy'

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