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Oct 4, 2006

I got back from the Podcast Expo this week, and I'm racing to put all my notes and impressions together so that I'll be able to absorb all of the information.

One of the interesting shows that I learned about was a Podcast show called Window to the Magic. This show is a regular tour of Disney Land. The interesting thing about the show is the use of the technology.

They use a binaural audio recording technology that records the sound in a way that when replayed sounds just like it would if you were in the park itself. Picture microphones attached to earbuds worn by the actual recorder. These earbud like microphones record sounds in the direction the actual sound came from based on their location.

What it does -

It allows the listener to be able to hear the direction of the incoming sound in the show and even to be able to tell the depth of the sound.


The listener can determine how close or how far away the sound really is.

It creates a more than real sound effect that is truly captivating.

Since I heard about the show, I've been thinking about taking a series of Florida Holidays myself to experience Disney World and some of the other theme parks and compare my experience with the show's recordings.

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