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Best Buy and Guitar Center

Oct 3, 2006

This morning (well OK its actually 1:40 pm here) I'm heading to Best Buy and Guitar Center to check out equipment and prices for my future podcast experiments. I need to look at mixer boards, Microphones and sound cards for my laptop (scary that last, probably the most expensive component).

It wouldn't surprise me if I buy all of these online later, but I want to look, see, touch etc.

I might purchase a USB microphone just to start testing out the software and my voice a bit, and then later graduate up to a mixing board and better sound card for my aging laptop.

This morning (Well OK it was 30 minutes after noon) I got up, went out to my deck, sat in the sun, and listened to some great indie music on the PMC top 10 review podcast, while I read the Wall Street Journal, thinking how I might be able to put together my own productions soon.

The WSJ wasn't a complete loss, I did come across an interesting article about Sting singing 16th century music on some new collaboration.

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