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The War Between the Species 2

Oct 20, 2006

The first casuality of the war stunned the world. Death was spectacular, surprising and fast. No one suspected a war. No one expected an attack. No one appreciated the significance.

The second casualty died more slowly. If he had died fast, the war would have ended in less than five years maybe. Instead, the victim lived long enough to convey a message to the world. The message was not to be believed by those that heard it initially. However, the message did not go completely without benefit.

It gave a few people enough time to plan, prepare and get ready for the real war yet to come.

Zo was thirteen years old when the attacks happened. She was there when the second casualty was attacked. She saw the attack and heard the message from her dying grandfathers lips. If she had not been there to see, and if she had not been there to hear, she might have gone on about her mostly normal life. Only to be wiped out like so many other young teenagers of that time.

Instead she went on to train and plan and act. She became one of the most famous resistance fighters the world had seen.

She had a secret, and it sped her to an demise that would have seemed premature before the downfall of humanity.

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