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American idol recap - final 3

May 14, 2008

Each contestant sang three songs. Songs were condensed down to 1 minute and thirty seconds, so at best they really chopped out half of a song and tried to use the beginning middle and end.

Performance Rating each song by artist

Artist Song 1 Song 2 Song 3

David A Sucked Sucked almost didn't suck

Syesha Sucked Sucked Sucked

David C Sucked Sucked See comment below

Regarding David Cook's last song. It sucked. However, if you had never heard Aerosmith perform it, or you never saw that Bruce Willis / Ben Affleck Space movie where they blow up the comet or whatever then you might have thought this song sounded OK. If you had heard Aerosmith perform it before then you realize that David Cook was way out of his league singing this song. To his credit, it was the least sucky of the songs that sucked on American Idol tonight.

Fortunately, that last bit of perspective enabled me to keep such a bright, cheerful and positive perspective about Idol this week.

All in all we had a 17 year old dweeb that has a voice that belongs in a group like the bee gees or in a boys choir or a Eunuch quartet. We then have a LA girl with absolutely no ability to emote, but a good ability to move and look nice as she sings mechanical songs, followed by a guy that is supposed to be a rock star but really follows in the Creedesque model of singing growling resonant lyrics loudly and sometimes even with the right pitch.

In years past I have liked American Idol (not all years but some). This is definitely a less than average year for the show.

Note. I am not a professional music critic, but I do play one on one of my blogs.

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