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We can fly?

May 16, 2008

That is pretty cool.

That said there are several ways we canfly, including the suit that kind of looks like a batman / hang glider suit first made popular on ski sloaps, then for sky diving, and then for gliding out of planes all the way tot he ground (skydiving without deploying a parachute).

I myself have tried my hands, arms and self at this.

Back in the early 90's around 92, I think, I flew wearing a specialized suit of sweatshirt, baggy blue jeans, airwalk tennis shoes and a motorcycle helmet. I utilized a motorcycle and an intersecting car as the launching strip.

I flew quite a ways, but my landing was a little sketchy. Something didn't work quite right with the airwalk tennis shoes and instead of grinding to a halt on Georgia asphalt with my feet, I rolled grinded to a halt on georgia asphalt with my hands, head ass and hands again (in that order).

I haven't tried it since and suppose the technology has vastly improved since then . . .

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