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Mother-in-Law with Pig Sex Van

May 2, 2008

Here's a picture of my mother-in-law standing in front of the Pig Sex Van in Australia. She flew all the way from the US to Australia to find a van with pigs having group sex on the van. She found the van through an expedia search initially. Unfortunately, when she arrived in Sydney the van had been sold to a pizza delivery place in Melbourne, so she took a short flight down to Melbourne to get this picture.

Thus ends her 24 year adventure to complete the worlds craziest scavenger hunt. There were a couple years when she thought she'd never complete her mission. Fortunately, things just seemed to come together for her this year. She had a hot lead for this van back in January, but couldn't travel until April. Then while she was out of country the missing Marylin Monroe oral sex video surfaced and so she had to quick put a bid on it in New York.

Now she has the video and this shot and the scavenger hunt is over.

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