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May 24, 2008

This weekend, I'm doing a little work on a website for my wife.

That's easier than the work I should be doing on my own website, but I'll probably get to that late tonight after everyone is asleep.

It always seems to be easier to work on websites for other people.

My wife is a teacher and former painter. She's done photography work on and off throughout the years and is looking to do some more this summer.

So I'm in the middle of rebooting a site for her. The general theme is maybe 70% done as you can kind of tell from the image.

The real work on this one is going to be in getting the content and page layouts worked out. Right now there are none, (some filler with some very sold service rates that are completely not applicable now).

Anyway, rebooting and cleaning up a website has got to be better than rebooting and cleaning up the house in preparation for our Memorial Day Party!

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