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May 16, 2008

That was probably one of the few near death eperiences that I've had that DID reshape the way I approach life.

I have had many. Not because I've sought them out or anything, but situations have placed me in peculiar circumstances, such as the time my grandmother almost shot me with a chrome plated 357 magnum with an 8 inch barrel while I was sitting on the toilet. (I was about 10 years old).

The bullet was stopped by a microwave that was being repaired and just happened to be between my head and the end of the gun.

That near death experience didn't make me avoid my grandmother nor the toilet, but did make me jump about a half foot off the toilet. Plus, I was extremely regular in my grandmother's presence for many many years afterwards.

But in this circumstance, I was riding my motorocycle. It wasn't a crotch rocket. I had purchased a Honda 500 cruising type of bike when I was in the army. It was quick but not fast.

I was on my way to base in the morning, driving about 30-35 miles per hour.

A car turned left in front of me and I hit it broad side, flew off the bike, over the top of the car and on down the road.

I was extremely lucky.

I didn't break a single bone. Got lots of road rash, and bent my right foot literally in half (it got caught up in the tangle of car, bike and break pedal bent into the shape of a hook that caught my toes).

It took me a few months to repair the ripped tendonds in my foot, no thanks to the first few army doctors I was. One however a month after the fact diagnosed the problem and got me on a recovery path.

But I then after determined that I would ride a bike, and didn't for about 14 years.

I now have a much smaller bike (a 250 kawasaki) which is a combination street and trail bike. Its got a higher profile and capable of maneuvering much much better.

But since moving to NC I haven't ridden it either since last summer.

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