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Do you feel as though you are part of the herd?

May 22, 2008

I'm definitely a part of the herd as many people already know. I gave up the commuting life style (when forced) and ended decades of driving more than an hour one way to get where I was going. Other people may feel apart of the herd, but not me, not any more. I kicked that addiction and can now focus on my diet coke habit without distraction.

In atlanta my 1 way commute could easily hit 3 hours, if I was able to get somewhere at all. In Atlanta, we had (and they still do) have a saying, "You Can't Get There From Here." Just because you can Google Map something in Atlanta if you run it through a Tom Tom running live traffic updates you might find a scenario on a weekly to monthly basis, where you just can't get there in less than 10 hours, so why go at all (we're talking 10 - 30 miles in 10 hours!).

These days I walk out the door( sometimes I stay inside) and down the steps and half way across the fishing dock and I'm there or here I should say.

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