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The Premise Behind Idiocracy

May 13, 2008

Its been on HBO dozens of times, probably went straight to dvd/cable actually. But after you have seen it once, the next time the movie is hilarious. The third time even funnier.

I'm just curious who here in Utterz or the blogosphere has seen Idiocracy and what did you think of it?

Better yet, I know there are some smart people here in this community. How many of you are making a positive contribution to the gene pool?

I ask that last question with a sense of compassion. My own positive contributions were not easily made and cost a great deal of time and money.

To ask the question maybe with a more targeted focus, who out there is working on making a contribution versus those of you that are delaying your contribution?

For those of you that were unsuccessful, that's a whole other ball of wax. . . . .

Some language in this video is possibly harsh for some listeners. This language is extremely appropriate for this movie and central to the plot actually as people in the future that do not speak heavy slang are convicted for sounding faggy (faggy in the future would mean 'elite' today according to this movie).

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