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Stoned Out of Their Skull - Cemetery Purpose?

May 9, 2008

I'm not condoning grave robbing by any means, but did you hear about this story with three teenagers that admitted to converting a 90 year old skull into a bong?

They apparently were being questioned about stolen credit cards by police, when they admitted to digging up a grave, robbing a skull and transforming it into paraphanelia, and then utlizing said paraphanelia for smoking marijuana.

They were booked for a misdemeanor charge of abusing a corpse (they were all minors 15, 17, & 17 I believe). This happened in Texas, which fair or not always seems to have half a foot in the dark arts and practices when it comes to teenagers getting into trouble.

I bring this story up for a tangential reason. I was driving past a cemetery today and had a thought. (No I was not thinking about bong making material.)

I was thinking to myself that people in general dedicate a lot of land and space and even Carbon and recyclable material to cemeteries. Yes we do have a custom that seems to bring comfort to survivors of death, that burying the deceased in the ground brings a sense of closure when combined with other rites and practices.

That said, let us consider that we are using up a good amount of space that the environment could benefit from. This space could be used to grow trees, or even crops or house the homeless.

Instead we dedicate this land for thousands of years to those that have departed this Earth forever. Could we not find a better use for this land? In doing so, could we not plant a tree for the deceased and have their memory memorialized in a positive contribution to society and the world?

I'd rather have my bones made into furniture. Maybe a rocking chair or something my kids could enjoy.

We seal bodies up in lead lined coffins to what purpose? Are we trying to create mummies like the ancient Egyptians?

Are our bones that important to the future? Will humans a thousand or one hundred thousand years from now, need our remaining fossilized DNA to repopulate the Earth? Or will they use some evil Book of the Dead to use our bones as an Army of Darkness against Bruce Campbell?

AP Article on bong skull…gD90HV2N81

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