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How to Handle Mistakes - the Process by Brett

May 13, 2008

My general un-codified rule of thumb is

1. forgive yourself

1.5 Apologize and explain your mistake if necessary (if others are involved)

2. forgive others for not forgiving you

3. Analyze your mistakes

4. Blog About it (you can't pay your bills with your mistakes, but you almost can)

5. Work Smarter and Harder Next Time

6. Move On and don't look back (but make sure you internalize the lesson from the mistakes )

Oops, guess number six should be split into two items.

the new 6 Internalize the lessons of your mistake

7 Move on and Don't Look Back

anyway, I apologize for making that mistake on number six. I've forgiven myself for the mistake, and hope everyone will forgive me as well. If you can't find it within yourself to forgive me on this one, I understand and appreciate your view and perspective and still like you as a person even though you are holding a grudge against me for a the inability to compose prose on the fly without making a mistake in a numbered bullet list.

As I analyze my mistake, I can see that I need to hit the multimedia reply option in the future so that I can see more text screen space while writing. This will help me visualize my writing space better and avoid mistakes like this in the future. If I have an excessively wordy response (such as this one) then I might even write the response in Word or some text editor where I can see the response on my full screen. If its a complex topic, I might even compose it and organize it in mindmanager then export to word, and then copy and paste into the text box for Utterz. I might even video the process of putting it through mindmanager, the export to word and the copy and paste to utterz to provide a video tutorial to others that might someday somewhere want to emulate this process without having to reinvent the wheel.

In the meantime, as I hit the Submit Button I will be automatically blogging about this mistake.

As I go forward through my day and life, I will work smarter and harder to avoid this mistake in the future, internalizing these lessons before I just move past it all.


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