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Hold Music Purgatorial Hell

May 22, 2008

OMG, I am in hold music hell.

After fooling with IPower, I called to check on an order that my wife made on the 18th via that was apparently placed through

The goofy order (telephoto lens) was supposed to have been expedited. we paid about $24 for overnight shipping.

They don't seem to have shipped anything yet and my wife is running out of time (has a photo gig this weekend, a wedding and our former telephoto lens took a dump, bad diaphram and it has to go to the factory as local repair shops can't fix it).

So anyway, I call up to find out what is going on, I get a person, give her my order number and then get put on hold listening to the same hold music loop that I just listened to for about 40 minutes at IPOWER!


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