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I Vote, Where's my damn sticker!

May 6, 2008


OK, so I completed my civic duty and voted. Turnout was light to moderate. I went at around 9 am avoiding the rush hour congestion. I hung out and did some work in the parking lot and observed a steady stream of people going into to vote, but no lines or anything.

I had the options of

Hillary Clinton

Mike Gravel

Barack Obama


I vote for the Hillary. Not because I like her especially (I still don't like her.) Not because Rush Limbaugh wants people to vote for her. Not because she's a woman, not because Obama is a half shade darker than I am. Not because of gas tax pandering or anything like that.

I voted for her, because I want her and Obama to run on the same ticket. I think that if he wins today in Indiana and North Carolina, he will not play nice with her and pick her for a running mate.

I do feel though that she would pick him for a running mate and that he would accept.

I think she has more experience and that was the most important thing for me. I think he has potential, but want to see him get more experience and working as a VP for a term or 2 will help him in that category.

Now, its time for a nap as I was up late last night and woke up early for this last super tuesday.

Edit - BTW if either of them fail to pick the other, they lose my vote in November!

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